Qlik Sense NewHub

NewHub is a mashup that works as a centralized access point to native panels, mashups and custom links, organized into categories and subcategories.

Free for up to 5 users

Qlik Sense Mashups

We specialize in UX, UI and Dataviz visual interfaces, materializing this expertise developing  advanced Qlik Sense mashups.

Success stories

Qlik Sense Extensions

Native Qlik Sense objects sometimes don’t meet all of the end user’s requirements. We create chart and object extensions catered to your needs.


Design Driven

Good design needs to deliver optimal interfaces, but most importantly it needs to focus on ease-of-use. Identifying the users' flow within the data analysis routine and making the design an agent of efficiency and good experience.

Involving design at the very start of Qlik projects provides benefits such as having to deal with less rework and higher user satisfaction.


Beautiful and intuitive user interfaces increase engagement and thus enhance BI’s chances of success as a management analysis tool.


Our Clients Approve

Working with Cluster proved successful not only with the visuals of our apps, but mostly the navigation experience for the end-user. This adds more value to our products.


Cluster is a strategic partner, indispensable for Disruptiva. Their quality and expertise in design for visualization and data analysis are unique in Brazil.


Cluster helps us deliver projects with unique and fluid designs that enhance user-experience in applications we deliver to our Clients!



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