Oftentimes during our presentations with customers and partners, we noticed that many recurring questions arise; Due to a lack of advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JS, Qlik Sense developers end up not exploring the entire spectrum of possibilities that design Qlik Sense mashups offer to end-users and choose not to deliver projects in this format.

Nevertheless, there are countless advantages to this approach. Learn about them here:

What are design mashups for Qlik Sense?
Conceptually, a mashup can be defined as a web page or application that combines data or functionalities from different sources. In the context of Qlik Sense, they are used to create a design and interface that differs from the Qlik Sense standard. To do this, we use web technologies in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Layout customization
This relates to all things visual: colors, typography, branding; using mashups, we have complete freedom to create web elements based on each company´s branding requirements.

Grouping content on the same page
In a Qlik Sense QVF, we sometimes find content that pertains to the same subject on several screens. Using an HTML mashup, we can group them on the same screen without harming a consistent content flow philosophy.

Multiple QVFs inside the same mashup
Having C-level personas access different applications for them to find relevant information is not very practical. Using mashups, we can merge content from multiple QVFs into a single mashup interface.

Templates for the entire organization
Mashup templates can be reused within companies so that there is a unique design pattern across the board.

Can I use design mashups on Qlik SaaS?
Yes, but a separate web server is needed to run your custom Dashboard.

How can I create a design mashup for my company?
We can help you create an advanced mashup solution to drive Qlik Sense engagement at your organization. Send an email to info@clusterdesign.com.br, contact us here, or call (48) 3206-5665 so we can understand your Qlik data visualization need and deliver a custom-made solution.