Visualization extensions allow us to expand upon Qlik Sense’s rendering capabilities making use of web technologies.

Customized chart and graph extensions allow developers to combine the power of Qlik Sense APIs with the almost unlimited resources the web development world has to offer.

We build Qlik Sense extensions based on your specific needs

Visualization extensions use the same set of technologies as standard Qlik Sense visualizations, and if properly developed, their handling is exactly the same as standard visualizations.

Qlik Sense Extensions Work just like native charts and graphs. They can be:

  • Added to a sheet using drag and drop.
  • Configured to use the same property panel as standard Qlik Sense visualizations, meaning that you can create visualization extensions directly on top of data from a Qlik Sense app.
  • Resized, copied, pasted and positioned just like any other Qlik Sense visualization.
  • Added to and used in data storytelling .
  • Responsive and therefore work properly on any device.