As one of the four largest retail groups in Brazil, Studio Z was founded in the state of Mato Grosso in 1975 when the first “Gabriela Calçados” store was opened to the public. Today, the group is active in 14 Brazilian states, with more than 100 stores across the entire country . Since the beginning, it followed these basic premises for it’s success: product quality, trend research, team appreciation, service excellence, social responsibility and respect for the environment. These values remain with them to this day, sharply reflected in the success of the shoe stores “Gabriela” and “Studio Z”, along with the newer Calcard credit card service.


Studio Z approached us in 2017 looking to improve the performance of Qlik Sense mashups that were already in use at the company. Keeping the original design in place, Cluster made use of the best software development practices in order to guarantee stability within the existing Qlik Sense environment.

The next step was to come up with innovative user interfaces that focused on the use of the Qlik Sense Engine on smartphones. Cluster put forth a first project proposal with a full design and implementation scope that would deliver a “Satisfaction Survey” panel. It’s goal was to enable real-time control of regional performance for individual storefronts of the retail operation. The target audience here were C-Level management types with a preference for guided analytics platforms.

Taking full advantage of the best data visualization and UX practices, Cluster customized visual layouts, along with individual KPI and data visualization objects. This effort allows for easier data-reading, and interaction with tables and graphs ensuring a fluid navigation and rich dashboard interaction for end-users.

“The solutions that Cluster brought to the table for our BI sector revolutionized the way we started to monitor our main KPIs, providing continuous and daily improvement, in an effective and consistent way – The quality gain we achieved for our process management and execution was notorious after their projects were fully implemented.”
Guilherme Tavares Gonçalves
Project and Inagurations Manager 


A second project saw Studio Z in need of developing a panel to control the efficiency of stores and regional offices, that is, to monitor the work performance of its top people in order to improve and optimize the sales process. It also needed to have a mobile-first focus. Making use of the native Qlik Sense panel developed by the company’s internal BI team, it was possible to do the analysis. However, it suffered from content fragmentation inside a large number of folders and Native Qlik Objects.

With this scenario in mind, Cluster designed and implemented a new interface. We aimed to unify all information gathered from these KPI objects and folders and then simplifying said content visualization into just two screens, highlighting the main interactions on the screen through horizontal scrolling buttons at the top of the mashup panel.

The design was envisioned to follow the company’s existing visual identity and aims to create a standard for Studio Z mashups, so that it could be replicated in other scenarios or business areas going forward.

During these three years of partnership, Cluster has acted in different capacities on behalf of Studio Z creating mobile solutions to increase Qlik Sense user engagement through smart UX. The main goal has been to make daily operational life easier for the entire team, in the constant quest for better results.

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