Sompo Holdings Inc. is the second-largest property insurance company in Japan, and the 15th insurer in the world for the non-life insurance sector. With over 130 years in the insurance market, the company currently operates in 30 countries on five continents and has more than 80,000 employees and more than 20 million customers. In Japan, Sompo offers a range of financial services including life insurance, securities, asset management and venture capital businesses.

In Brazil, Sompo Seguros comes as a result of the operational merger between Marítima Seguros, a company founded in 1943, and Yasuda Seguros, founded in Brazil in 1959; It has since then turned into one of the most trusted names in the general insurance market in the country. The company is active in areas of Corporate, Personal and Health Insurance, with branches across all regions in Brazil.


When we first met Sompo to discuss their BI needs in the third quarter of 2019, they came to us eager to learn how to transform their standard Qlik Sense applications into easily digestible and Data Driven Dashboards aimed for use by independent and non-tech savvy insurance brokers that work within their network.

Sompo already ran a robust BI operation via in-house developed Qlik Sense Apps that served an internal “Self-Service” analytics audience quite smoothly. The challenge was to find an effective way to bring forth this analytics culture beyond the traditional BI team members (e.g, Sompo business analysts), expanding scope and simplifying access to Dashboards across the organization. The goal was also to ensure that data access was provided smoothly for independent insurance sales associates that were not part of Sompo’s internal corporate structure.

With these goals in mind, Sompo’s BI team in São Paulo first engaged with us in a 3-week intensive course on how to properly design and develop Qlik Sense Dashboards with help of state-of-the-art web technology stacks (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). This first step allowed them to understand the strategic value behind well designed Dashboards that bring data closer to the end user, especially with a guided-analytics approach that they could easily manage from within the BI sector at Sompo Headquarters. Topics were also discussed on how to manage the BI sector and operationalization of data that can be made available to an external network of insurance brokers across the country.


Once Sompo completed our Front-End development course, Sompo’s BI team was ready to dive into the logical next-step: to start building quality dashboards on their own. As they started developing these dashboards, Cluster was hand-in-hand offering support relying on our Front-End expertise to deliver a few overarching Dashboard templates that they could edit and operationalize internally with their newly acquired Front-End knowledge.

To begin with, a general Panel Template was developed. It is fully editable, so it could be easily operationalized internally with the knowledge acquired during the training.

Fast forward a couple of months into the first quarter of 2020, and a final and comprehensive solution was struck when Sompo decided to engage with deploying a comprehensive portal for their external insurance brokers that ran on the porweful Qlik Sense Engine.

The sweet spot was reached when our team here at Cluster combined their newly minted guided-analytics Dashboards, with the NewHub software suite. These new Dashboards (14 in total) connect directly to Qlik Sense’s Engine, taking full advantage of Qlik’s associative engine structure. On the other hand, they are all displayed in a centralized, single URL environment via NewHub. This user-focused configuration through NewHub allowed Sompo to integrate an entire guided analytics portal that achieved the following goals:

  1. Unified data access point for independent brokers to gain meaningful market insights (simplified and redesigned interface for a better user experience, which presents KPIs of several apps at the same time right on the Home Page);
  2. Ability for Sompo to segregate and compartmentalize information to be displayed to brokers, based on user roles. (instead of having to deal with dozens of apps distributed across Streams in the standard Qlik Sense hub, NewHub allows to organize information in groups and subgroups, selecting the most important apps and mashups for any given specific audience profile);
  3. Solid Data Governance structure that the internal BI team managed directly via the NewHub Admin panels (no knowledge of web programming languages needed to keep the entire NewHub structure running on the Qlik Sense server).

The result is a State-of-the-art guided analytics BI portal for that runs Qlik Sense in the background, with the added advantage of bringing insightful data to third-party insurance brokers that now benefit from Sompo insights brought to them by internal BI Analysts.


Sompo turned Qlik Sense from what initially was seen within their corporate environment as an “analyst exclusive” tool, into a comprehensive and easy to use Software Suite with our Dashboards and NewHub. This multilateral solution helps drive data-informed business decisions for their network of independent insurance brokers. Today, the company ensures that portfolio management and business management are be able to use Qlik’s powerful data visualization and consolidation capabilities through NewHub.

The company’s investment was therefore strategic in helping bring data a significant step closer to relevant stakeholders outside the traditional corporate core, both enhancing data-driven business decision making for their partners, while ensuring relevant data is presented to the right profiles, in the right format. Therefore, a data-driven culture was successfully introduced and the expertise for strategic data analysis could gain traction with a direct positive influence on business decisions throughout the organization.

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