BMG: a bank with nine-decades in the market innovates, embracing the digital era

Banco BMG specializes in offering financial products and services tailored to their customer’s needs. With close to 90 years in the banking sector, it has consolidated itself in financing consumer consumption. As such, their mission has evolved into popularizing financial solutions in Brazil. After pioneering the FIGITAL  strategy (named after it’s acronym in Portuguese), it has succeeded in combining the best of the physical and digital worlds for 4.3 million active customers, of which more than 1 million are now digital. They offer a wide portfolio through their digital bank ‘meu_BMG’, their physical service network (composed of more than 800 help! Credit Shops), and about 2 thousand banking branches nationwide. The group still maintains BMGInvest with a focus on fixed income clients, not to mention BMG Seguros, exclusively dedicated to bank insurance bonds, as well as BMG Granite.

Qlik Sense mashup developed by Cluster (“Dashboard” screen)


With vast knowledge and internal experience developing QlikView panels, BMG decided to take a step forward and migrate to the Qlik Sense environment, thus adopting the most modern data analysis tool available in the market for a self- service BI. However, the internal BI team soon realized that for an audience that prefers to consume ready-made analytics on smartphones through guided panels, the experience Qlik Sense offered out of the box was not yet complete.

This was when, at the end of 2019, the Bank approached us with their expectations for seamless UX improvements and gave us our first mission: to consolidate the main commercial performance indicators into a friendly interface. Paired with a design that mimicked Android and iOS apps as close as possible, the mashup aimed to group several native Qlik Sense panels so that users did not notice any changes across different app contexts, and where it was easy to track numbers of Client Card issuances, loan management, credit accounts, insurance, among other information.

With the exception of tables and filters, all objects have been customized with the help of graphic data visualization libraries. This customization allowed us to create new animations, styles, transactions and features in all graphics and tables within the app. Even as the primary use for these apps will be on smaller screens (phones), all pages were designed and implemented in order to adapt to larger screen sizes: tablets, desktop computers and larger smartphones.

Using the Qlik Sense API to bring the data and render it freely using graphical data visualization libraries, or even drawing graphs through CanvasJS or SVG, we were able to deliver a palpable boost in UX interactions. This had a direct result in increasing user engagement for the panels, which rang especially true for a company that was already used to the degree of customization QlikView offered. They were now making use of front-end development in conjunction with Qlik Sense to deliver a huge leap in quality and mobile experience for all stakeholders.

This was Cluster’s first project alongside Banco BMG. As such, these dashboards have been proven to be fundamental in enhancing Qlik Sense use and engagement within the institution, in addition to adding substantial value to the work performed by the Bank’s internal BI team.

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