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Data Visualization for QlikView / Qlik Sense

7 hours of online live training

This course on data visualization was very important in improving my knowledge base. It allowed me to better explore analytical practices and understand user perceptions that otherwise we don’t easily perceive working as software developers. I highly recommend it!

Francinaldo de Lima
Francinaldo de Lima
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The course is aimed at both QlikView / Qlik Sense developers and Qlik users who wish to deepen their data visualization knowledge. It explores concepts, provides examples and hand-on tasks as they relate to good practices in analytical techniques,, visual perception and types of visual analysis, among other subjects.

At the end of the training, students will have the knowledge to choose how best to convey information from a Business Intelligence dashboard in a visual fashion. The course is offered live and online.

Limited space for 10 students per class.

Course Syllabus:

Data Visualization for QlikView / Qlik Sense

  1. Introduction
  • Defining your audience
  • What is your data visualization project for?
  1. Visual perception
  • Native attributes of visual perception
  • Attributes of visual perception for categorical data
  • Attributes of visual perception for quantitative data
  1. Analytical techniques and practices
  • Ideal quantitative scales;
  • Reference lines;
  • small multiples and Crosstabs;
  • Simultaneous views;
  • Joining focus and context together;
  • Details on demand;
  • Over-plotting: how to reduce it

4. Quantitative data presentation guide

  • Bars;
  • Boxes;
  • Lines;
  • Dots

5. Types of visual analysis

  • Time
  • Ranking
  • Components
  • Deviations
  • Distribution
  • Geospatial data
  • Correlation
  • Nominal comparisons
  • Multivariable analysis
  1. Appendix
  • Variations of tables and table ordering;
  • Logarithmic and arithmetic scales;
  • Polygon maps;
  • Graphic style guide

Teaching Format:

Regular classes take place ONLINE and LIVE, via web conferencing service.

Course Length:

1 day (7 hours)


Intermediate knowledge creating panels in QlikView or Qlik Sense.

Who is this course aimed at:

QlikView or Qlik Sense developers and users.

Upcoming scheduled classes:

  • To be Determined


Thiago Pessato
Holds a degree in Architecturem, with a Post-Graduate degree in Strategic Design. He boasts more than 15 years experience developing digital interfaces and visual identities. As the founder of Cluster, he is the brains behind the courses offered by the company, while also acting as a direct consultant for clients and being responsible for ensuring the highest quality standards for all projects carried out by the company.
He holds official certifications issued by Qlik International as a consultant (Certified Designer) and as a trainer (Train The Trainer).

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